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17710Re: [tips_and_tricks] I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • Roger Hattman
    Jul 8, 2010
      Funny interaction.
      This verifies further what I have observed:  The computers will accept most any address.  The problem is usually the person, so just keep trying.
      When I switched my alleged license after a fraudulent suspension to General Delivery (after years of registration at the same they still to switch my alleged license), I handed the clerk at an auto tag place (a private entity that has direct access to DMV computers) the following:  registration to General Delivery (GD), insurance (GD), an invoice from the county court for an alleged traffic infraction (General Post), and a hand signed letter from the head Licensing to a (different) general post addy (another separate story of corruption).  She looked at me with a look of panic.  
      Me:"It is not a PO Box.  I know you cannot use PO Box."
      Clerk:  "Well, I can try it."
      Several minutes later she printed it all out.
      Just be persistent.  Try different people.  I have to assume that these computers all work more or less the same and will accept most anything.  I should note that c/o addresses are also expressly forbidden, as well as PO Boxes. 
      In addition to being an essential element for challenging jurisdiction, having a non residential address is a big plus for privacy.
      My only concern is, how do you get a PMB without some street address or ID or something?  I love the ambush idea, though. 


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