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17708Re: I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • Thomas
    Jul 7, 2010
      Since the United States Post Office has been GONE since the mid-1970s, I use the format:

      c/o [care of:] Box XXXX, U.S.P.S. [UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, a corporation] My Town, My State, U.S.A.

      I have most of my snail-mail correspondents [even the State where I live] trained to use this format.

      I have ALSO had to make the point that, while I MAY be homeless, I certainly cannot LIVE in my 4" x 6" x 8" mail receptacle.

      "Frog Farmer" <frogfrmr@...> wrote:
      > > I have no experience
      > > with PO Box and PMB so I cannot comment on those.  One drawback is as
      > > far as I know you cannot have a Driver License or Auto registration at
      > > a PO Box.
      > One way to use a PO Box without calling attention to it is to use the
      > address of the Post Office building, and use # in front of the number of
      > the box inside, like this:
      > Your Name
      > Post Office's Address on Main Street #123
      > City, State
      > You'll get it and nobody but you and the post office will know it isn't
      > a regular house.
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