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17706I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • dave
    Jul 6, 2010
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      Yes you are correct on driver's license..but think for a moment..a PMB is
      not a Post Office Box. So says the genuine USPS.right in their regulations.
      Most driver's license places simply tell you "No Post Office Boxes." [Hint:
      Ditto other government forms.] So here is the dialogue I went thru with the
      DMV clerk..for me the Ohio DMV is just down the street from Mailboxes Etc
      [my PMB location]:

      Me: [Putting down 1776 Main Street PMB 123.]

      DMV: Sir.we don't allow post office boxes.

      Me: I didn't give you one.

      DMV: Our system shows that as one.

      Me: Only the Post Office has post office boxes..so says the postal
      regulations. In fact they are the only ones permitted to use that name.

      DMV: Well..I'm not sure..

      Me: Look..the form clearly says "NO POST OFFICE BOXES"..do you see a genuine
      post office over there? I don't. I don't see the flag.I don't see the
      trucks..I don't see a post office there..so I clearly didn't give you a Post
      Office Box.

      DMV: Ok..I'll use the address you gave.

      My comments are below.

      YES, YES, YES he is absolutely correct. However, I have no experience with
      PO Box and PMB so I cannot comment on those. One drawback is as far as I
      know you cannot have a Driver License or Auto registration at a PO Box.
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