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17701Re: [tips_and_tricks] I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • hobot
    Jul 5, 2010
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      RESIDENCE makes all the difference in the world.
      If you ain't found evidence in black and white yet then you just ain't
      trying very hard.
      Anywho I've solved all this in all ways via W8BEN and knowing the
      definitions of
      the treaties and Acts involving banks and taxes.
      After understanding the scope and confusing variations of W8BEN forms
      and this
      to use it, there is an attachment form [banks can provide IRS version of]
      that specifically covers US mailing address as convenience only not
      home jurisdiction. See #2 in this site for example.

      Part I. Please check the appropriate box below and provide the
      information requested:
      􀂉 The U.S. mailing address provided on my Form W-8BEN presented to BAC
      Florida Bank
      is not my permanent residence address and is used for convenience
      purposes only, such
      as a vacation home, the home of a relative or some other address where
      receipt of mail
      and similar notices is particularly convenient.
      􀂉 Other – I explain below the reason for using the U.S. mailing address
      provided on my
      Form W-8BEN presented to BAC Florida Bank, despite the fact that such
      address is not
      my permanent residence address:
      I hereby provide a copy of one or both of the documents listed below
      (see document(s)
      checked) to support further my claim of foreign status.
      􀂉 Driver's License
      􀂉 Passport
      Signature: _________________________

      Non US resident address format.
      Johnny Appleseed
      111 Main Square #222
      Town, County, mail route 44, [use last 2 digits of ZIP as dejure postal
      Statename, United States of America [spelled out fully not abbreviated].

      hobot - used a current passport with same data as in W8BEN but striking
      out US citizen and underlining
      non citizen national, no SSN, no penalty. Used photo ID from clubs and
      schools or
      other non -gov't issued ID that requires a RESIDENCE in United States,
      but not America.
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