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17699I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • Rickity
    Jul 5, 2010
      I'm not good at passing the forum rules but I thought this to be worth a
      last shot. My wife and I have use General Delivery for our incoming mail
      for about 12 years now. Yes, we had to fight for it but I put the
      postmaster over a barrel and it stuck to many of the clerks' amazement. If
      the recipient needs a "physical address" then we put the "physical address"
      of the post office along with "General Delivery." It works. My wife's and
      my driver's licenses both list general delivery as the address. Nothing
      works unless you try it. Most things don't work unless you fight for it. I
      believe the car registration would have to be accepted as well. Rickity

      "When someone who is honestly mistaken discovers the truth he is no longer
      mistaken or no longer honest."


      My comments are below.

      YES, YES, YES he is absolutely correct. However, I have no experience with
      PO Box and PMB so I cannot comment on those. One drawback is as far as I
      know you cannot have a Driver License or Auto registration at a PO Box.
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