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17696I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • Roger Hattman
    Jul 5, 2010
      My comments are below.

      YES, YES, YES he is absolutely correct.  However, I have no experience with PO Box and PMB so I cannot comment on those.  One drawback is as far as I know you cannot have a Driver License or Auto registration at a PO Box.

      .        On mail addressed to lawyers or courts make sure you caption it
      right under the address "A Mailing address of Convenience". This SHOULD
      force the court officer to look elsewhere for a jurisdictional establishment
      within the filing but you might have to raise it. In one case where the
      judge proceeded on, I simply sent the court a package with only the words
      "mailing address of convenience" highlighted, and a picture of the post
      office where I had scribbled across the front, "they won't let me live
      here." The judge tore into the attorney in her ruling saying no residence
      was established by her to invoke court jurisdiction and that court had
      nothing to do.
      Great thinking.


      You can have multiple mailing addresses of convenience in a free society. In
      a free society only YOU can establish residence or domicile for if
      government could PLACE you someplace, you wouldn't be free would you?
      Not only can you, but you should.  Since no special action is needed on your part (for general mail), when you are away, tell people to send you mail at whatever post office is handy.  General mail is the ultimate in convenience for those on the move (In my opinion, that is really everybody, unless you are either dead or a plant.)
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