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17695I had to deliver Peter Hendrickson at noon today to Milan FCI.

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  • dave
    Jul 5, 2010
      Another "acceptable way" to get mail OUTSIDE residence claims:

      If you acquire a post office box, that name "post office box" is registered
      by the postal service and ONLY for the delivery of mail to a post office
      box. Since you probably are not permitted to reside on post office property,
      you can't have a residence there. Further the Post Office requires a
      "permanent address" in order to get the PO BOX..so by admission, both are
      not the same. And since the courts use the genuine postal service to
      establish their own service of process, it's hard for court officer's to
      deny that one can't reside in a 6 x 6 inch box.

      Here are some tricks of the trade:

      . Rip the mailbox in front of your house out of the ground. Trust
      me..this will prevent a ton of problems. Cut off your detractors cleanly;
      don't put a forwarder on the mail! You can get general delivery..or..Get
      either a PO BOX or a PMB. Remember I said that the Post Office registered
      the name PO BOX .so no one else can use it such as "The UPS Store"..so they
      had to come up with a new name for UPS Store boxes and that name is "PMB".
      So if you get mail at a UPS Store or other private box service make SURE you
      use for example PMB 143.

      . On mail addressed to lawyers or courts make sure you caption it
      right under the address "A Mailing address of Convenience". This SHOULD
      force the court officer to look elsewhere for a jurisdictional establishment
      within the filing but you might have to raise it. In one case where the
      judge proceeded on, I simply sent the court a package with only the words
      "mailing address of convenience" highlighted, and a picture of the post
      office where I had scribbled across the front, "they won't let me live
      here." The judge tore into the attorney in her ruling saying no residence
      was established by her to invoke court jurisdiction and that court had
      nothing to do.

      . Lawyers will REMOVE the words PMB every time from their filings
      and letters to you. You must insert it back to them and remind them "mailing
      address of convenience".

      . In ALL collection matters when you receive a letter saying the
      letter is from a debt collector, the debt collector must invoke jurisdiction
      either where the contract was signed [hard to prove for CC debt], or where
      you reside. This the moving party must show the court to invoke its
      jurisdiction. [They don't and hope you don't notice.] The easiest way to
      show the court you are not in its jurisdiction is in the Court caption
      address. Simply eh?

      You can have multiple mailing addresses of convenience in a free society. In
      a free society only YOU can establish residence or domicile for if
      government could PLACE you someplace, you wouldn't be free would you?

      If you want an advanced discussion on this matter go to either
      www.edrivera.com and read the free material there..or become a student for
      life..for which if you study well, you WILL be rewarded the small cost of
      becoming a student many times over. Ed has some rock solid NEW material.

      I have never found any case law indicating that being a resident somehow
      waives rights; however, my experience tells me that it is absolutely the
      case. I find that the biggest admssion to being a resident is having a
      "residential" address. The only acceptable way to get mail is general mail
      and use that only.
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