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17649Re: justice?

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  • windandthestone
    Jun 1, 2010
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      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "suavae1st" <suavae1st@...> wrote:
      > I AM STEAMED! 
      > Any thoughts?
      > Steve
      Steve - welcome to our group:)  

      To bad you weren't here before your court experience.  
      I know how frustrated and outraged you feel -- we all do.  
      Which is why we are here :)  I too doubt that you have much of a leg left.
      Depending on your situation, it might be worth it to  pay up and assign that cost to: Tuition.  
      If you stay active here, you may learn far more than your "fees." 

      Our lives are far more complex than those of our great-grandparents, 
      which creates so many big pot holes we must avoid. 
      It's impossible for one person to be cognizant of all the laws, 
      and is WHY forums and blogs like ours are so important!
      (Thank you Bear.)  

      I am curious if we can put a handbook together for how to keep our rights in various court situations? 
      (e.g. administrative, magistrate, small claims, landlord-tenant)  
      The things that we all should do/not do generally.

      I know I am not prepared for something like Steve's ticket, 
      and even just an essay on maintaining my rights would be a lifesaver.

      Ahhh... Would be lovely to have a high tech classroom get-together once a month.
      Unlike some of our very learned members, I am still a sheep-ie but at least I know it and want to rectify it.
      (BTW:  a sheep-IE is 2 steps smarter than a sheep-EL.  I am aware.)   :-s

      Thanks to you all,

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