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17648RE: [tips_and_tricks] red-light camera

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  • Frog Farmer
    May 31 4:01 PM
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      E Junker asked:

      > Could you subpoena the red-light camera?

      You could if you had the brains and the guts, but if you had those, how
      do you get so far down the slippery slope to conviction?

      A real defense of rights starts a lot earlier, and people who do not
      approach everything as a rights issue, or never think in terms of
      rights, won't have any at the tine they are most necessary to use and
      protect and defend. The urge to surrender rights for economic reasons
      may once have been a valid consideration when gold and silver were in
      the hands of the people no matter how "poor" they were (even including
      children!) but when the imaginary-debt-mathematically-impossible
      monetary base can be doubled or quadrupled with no input from anyone but
      the creators, what fool would trade life, liberty and/or property for
      it?! Just look around you!

      Meanwhile, got silver?


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