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17647Re: red-light camera

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  • Michael
    May 31, 2010
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      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, E Junker <westernwit@...> wrote:
      > Could you subpoena the red-light camera?

      Absolutely not!

      The question demonstrates a lack of knowing
      how to challenge such a ticket, if one intends
      to make a challenge.

      Go to the law library in your area and look
      up hearsay evidence, how to challenge it, how
      to object. See what the rules are for the use
      of red light cameras.

      Every administrative procedure has rules that
      both sides must follow. Demand a first-hand
      witness to question. All of this becomes more
      apparent as one reads the rules. If one does
      not make demands, one waives his/her rights and
      stands no chance, whatsoever.

      Due process is the right to be heard, and in a
      meaningful manner. The administrative hearing
      is one's right to be heard, and whatever one says
      is the "meaningful manner." How meaningful is up
      to each individual.

      If one objects to the red light camera as hearsay
      evidence and demands the right to question a
      witness with the demand being refused, then there
      is an issue of being denied due process for
      appeals. To make the record, one has to have a
      known plan ahead of time.

      Read the rules.

      When a fine is levied or a judgment made, ask
      for clarification on what is being demanded of
      you in payment, if you know and understand the
      dollar issue.
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