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17611Re: [tips_and_tricks] property tax case

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  • Don S.
    Apr 18, 2010
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      Powers is granted to our servants to only tax
      as necessary to provide constitutional functions of government.

      All things done by our servants, must be done in pursuance
      of the Constitution and by their oath under Article VI of
      the US Const., state servants must uphold the principles
      of the US Const.

      The Const. exists only to secure or facilitate our rights.

      So even state servants must obey the principles of the
      union constitution in what they do in the states.

      We have been lied to by our servants as to the "needs"
      of the American people.

      Some 45% of the federal budget goes to "give-a-way" programs.

      For every $1 given away, it requires $3 - 5 taken OUT of the economy to
      fund the give-a-way program.

      Give a way programs are worthless and evil.

      Ask your self how government would function if workers did not
      earn as much as they do so government could take as much as they do.

      Our servants do not SEE the necessary functions to be performed
      and then determine how much is needed to fund same,
      they just take the money, then seek places to spend it!

      This is patently wrong.

      At 06:05 AM 4/18/2010 +0000, you wrote:
      >I can not see how any government entity has the right to tax an object (be
      >it a car, lamp, or land) on a continual basis. If the government can tax
      >possessions then the government is the actual owner. How is this
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