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17602Re: property tax case

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  • Don S.
    Apr 17, 2010
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      All property is taxable.

      BUT, private property requires a DIRECT TAX.

      A DIRECT TAX must be apportioned.

      Why should a house/ property valued at a "higher"
      artificial price, have to pay more in taxes for municipal services?

      What, they need "more" voluntary police protection?

      More fire or ambulance services?

      See the lie.

      Each home should pay a equal share of municipal services,
      not hidden in a percentile tax as is done now.

      In fact, this nation should run off INDIRECT TAXES as tariffs
      and excises on goods or products or services, and only
      make up the NEEDED DIFFERENCE with a DIRECT TAX.

      This would encourage SAVINGS and an American work ethic.

      At 09:28 AM 4/17/2010 -0400, you wrote:
      >The way I see it.......REAL ESTATE (commercial property) is taxable.
      >PRIVATE PROPERTY is NOT taxable....
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