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17551RE: [tips_and_tricks] Bribed Judges

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  • Frog Farmer
    Feb 26, 2010
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      Jerry Stanton wrote:

      > When judges are bribed by the Corporate STATES for profit to convict
      > you, their bias and they must lawfully recluse their self's as judges.

      And you should not forget to help them do it! Most people always

      > That is the LAW. How many million void Judgments that are criminal
      > acts, doe,s take by BAR Attorney Judges and there BAR Attorney court
      > officers that do not represent you under common and are controlled by
      > the same STATE.

      How many people don't care as long as they can afford the fine?

      > How long before the American people Wake Up and close
      > OUT OF our land and return to courts of Justice for all there we are
      > tried by our peers as intended not by the wicked and corrupt.

      There is no need to wait for anyone to join you in doing this, as we all
      get our opportunity to (dis?)qualify all parties before any case
      proceeds to trial. It is we who decide early on (some much earlier than
      others!) whether or not to let sham proceedings by unqualified
      impersonators take place using our name in the cast of characters.

      > > 3. Legislation that makes mandatory for every judge in any
      > court operating within the state of Michigan to fully inform
      > juries of their rights and duties as well as their power of
      > nullification?

      That would take too long as these jurors cannot even pass high school
      equivalency exams. Most can't find Earth on a globe. So they ought to
      explain all that in 7th grade.

      > Any judge who fails to comply must be removed from the
      > bench and prosecuted for criminal violation of due process rights.

      Why don't the people who care a little about their case just disqualify
      these judges for the myriad causes they usually provide? In the same
      way that each case is SUPPOSED to have an arraignment (most Americans
      will even waive that right now) I think a formal disqualification for
      cause ought to be on everyone's agenda, along with a subpoena for
      required documentation. Then people wouldn't feel they needed numbers
      of followers to have success individually.

      > 5. Legislation that will open both Federal and State Grand
      > Juries to Citizens under the "Private Prosecutor" status which will
      > allow them access to file complaints against government employees who
      > act outside of their authority and commit acts of Fraud?

      Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18
      U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a). I didn't need special legislation to file
      complaints against government employees who acted outside of their
      authority and committed acts of fraud. Paul Andrew Mitchell didn't need
      it either. I'm sure there must have been others as well. Don't wait
      for legislation; try it, you'll like it.


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