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17548Only fools have lawyers.

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  • Jerry
    Feb 24, 2010
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      Subject: Only a Fool would be a Client of a Lawyer.

      In states such as Michigan the State Bar Association is integrated into the State as set forth in the State Constitution makes the lawyers of the State not only Officers of the Court which is in the Judicial Branch, but it also makes them agents of the Government, just like the Judge and the Prosecutor.

      Thus, Lawyers are members of the same organization as the Prosecuting Attorneys and Judges who are representatives of the government, the same government that the U.S. Supreme Court stated in Fay v. Noia (1968) that is and has been in perpetual war against the Rights, Liberty, and Freedom of THE PEOPLE.

      Even the U.S. Courts website at (http://www.uscourts.gov/outreach/resources/williampenntrial.htm) has a transcript of the Trial of William Penn from the 1600's showing that the Judges (the Courts) are a party that has historically joined the government prosecution in the War against the Rights, Liberty, and freedom of THE PEOPLE.

      Thus only a Fool would be a Client of a Lawyer.

      The more things Change, the More they Stay the SAME.
      In the 1770's the Parliament used their Acts such as the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Townshed Act, and other statutory law to justify the violation of the Rights of Englishmen in the southern North American Colonies, as if they did not have Rights of Englishmen under the Magna Carta.
      The People who rose up against this violation of their ancient Rights as Englishmen under English law applied Article 61 of the (125) Magna Carta against the Parliament, after every effort at petitions for Redress were rebuffed and ignored, as the people have a Right to correct their government and make war against those within government (and their families and agents) who make war against the antecedent, ancient, in perpetuum and fundamental Rights of the People, as the legislative authority of Parliament was even restrained an limited by fundamental law.
      Where the Americans departed from the Magna Carta is that the land and people would not return to the King, as THE PEOPLE are the equal Sovereigns.
      Today the U.S. Congress is just like the Parliament. The Congress does not believe that it is limited by fundamental law. The U.S. Congress is using its Acts to make statutory law against the fundamental Rights of American Sovereigns.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      Researched by T. Bell