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17355Now cops need TRAINING to TESTIFY?

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  • bowsercity@acd.net
    Dec 10, 2009
      Re TRAINING etc.

      A few years back Michael Moore had a television series called "the awful
      TRUTH"; I think it lasted two years. The shows were later archived (2001)
      and put out into the commercial market place under that same title; you
      can probably find them at most book stores or your favorite movie outlet.

      To the point: Mr. Moore did an episode that is archived as Episode 8,
      Second Season, which is titled "Stop and Frisk Night". While comedic in
      nature, there are several sub-plots on this particular show that
      illustrate the sad state of affairs in the "law enforcement", "public
      defender", "plea bargain" and other "justice system" related businesses
      (yes, commercial enterprises).

      Hope you get a chance to view the episode (there are 11 other episodes in
      the Second Season collection).

      > Patrick M wrote:
      >> I guess they are now teaching cops HOW to SELL their STORY to the
      >> judge & jury.
      > If one lets them get that far, one best be ready for appeal too.
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