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17352Re: [tips_and_tricks] Little g is JEALOUS of BIG G

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  • Email41@aol.com
    Dec 9, 2009
      Marriage licenses provided for by civil statute were grants of privileges for interracial unions forbidden by the Scripture. The requirement for all "US citizens" to make an application for a license for marriage was instituted under A. Lincoln shortly after the military conflicts ended in the occupied territories.

      A very good primer on this issue could be found in the article "Prolegomena to Current Martial Rule" found here: http://ecclesia.org/truth/prolegomena.html

      "At common law the courts of this State had no jurisdiction over matrimonial matters and, hence the power of the Supreme Court over such matters is derived solely by virtue of statutory grants of authority. (Langerman v. Langerman, 303 N. Y. 465, 470, supra.) * * *

      <http://www.versuslaw.com>; 291 N.Y.S.2d 123; 57 Misc. 2d 86

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