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  • Fred Marshall
    Dec 5, 2009
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      I don't claim to be an authority on this, and encourage you to confirm
      what I'm saying, but I'm pretty certain my understanding of this that
      I'm about to share is correct. (If it isn't, then I'm open to be
      straightened out with verifiable facts.)

      When the state arrogantly asserts some sort of authority over a child,
      basically usurping the parents' authority, it abuses something called
      /parens patriae/, Latin for "parent of the country". When couples obtain
      a marriage license (license being permission to do that which is
      otherwise illegal), they unknowingly enter into a contract with the
      state, essentially marrying the state, in a sense. Because the state
      becomes a party to the marriage (legal polygamy, sort of), it also has
      legal interest in whatever is produced by the marriage, i.e. children.

      Years ago there was a case of a couple in Minnesota, I think, who went
      on vacation and left their children to fend for themselves in an
      apartment. When that state's department of family & children services
      (whatever it's called there) tried to take the children from the home,
      they couldn't lawfully do it because the couple had no marriage license
      with the state, and the state had no jurisdiction.

      Contrast that with conscientious, loving parents who believe that
      spanking is a normal part of discipline being anonymously reported by a
      nosy liberal neighbor for child abuse. DFACS comes in, takes the
      children away, and if challenged as their authority to do that, if they
      really knew, they'd say "your marriage license gives us jurisdiction."
      Then the parents have to endure the legal hassle of fighting to get
      their children back from the state. (I knew a guy who works for DFACS,
      and I asked him how many reports of child abuse turn out to be bogus. He
      said most were. It's tragic either way - true child abuse, and parents
      being wrongly accused of it.)

      Again, this is my understanding of the situation. (There is more history
      to how marriage licenses originated.) Also, marriage is a covenant
      between a husband, wife, and Y'shua, and in the "old days" would be
      recorded in the family's Scripture & witnessed. I appreciate when
      pastors perform wedding ceremonies and omit the part that says "and now,
      by the power vested in me by the state of [state]", and just say "I now
      pronounce you husband & wife." The power to marry is vested by our
      Creator, not the state.


      Patrick M wrote:
      > A parent who actually does spend time with their child & HOME-SCHOOLS
      > them, may be FORCED to put them into PUBLIC SCHOOLS for REASONS
      > totally UNRELATED to their kid’s ACADEMIC performance.
      > The New Hampshire Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a
      > 10-year-old home-schooled New Hampshire girl ordered into a
      > government-run school. On Sept. 17, a lower court judge refused to
      > reconsider or stay the order. An Alliance Defense Fund allied attorney
      > represents the mother of the girl.
      > “Courts can settle disputes, but they cannot legitimately order a
      > child into a government-run school on the basis that her religious
      > views need to be mixed with other views. That’s precisely what the
      > lower court admitted it is doing in this case, and that’s where our
      > concern lies,” said ADF-allied attorney John Anthony Simmons of Hampton.
      > “The court illegitimately altered a method of education that the court
      > itself stated is working. *It admitted the girl is ‘well liked, social
      > and interactive with her peers, academically promising, and
      > intellectually at or superior to grade level,’ but then it ordered her
      > out of the home schooling she loves so that her religious views will
      > be challenged at a government school.* That’s where the court went too
      > far,” Simmons explained.
      > http://www.alliancedefensefund.org/news/pressrelease.aspx?cid=5139
      > <http://www.alliancedefensefund.org/news/pressrelease.aspx?cid=5139>
      > Patrick in California
      > "It ain't what ya don't know that hurts ya. What really puts a hurtin'
      > on ya is what ya knows for sure, that just ain't so." -- Uncle Remus

      It's not Federal, and there is no Reserve.
      Contact your Congressman to support HR 2755.
      Our republic is dying, and the Fed has been bleeding it dry since its inception in 1913. It's time for some serious CPR, and this is it. You can make a difference.
      God save America! The bailout needs to be from Him.
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