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17293Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Peter Hendrickson convicted.

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  • John Hill
    Nov 10, 2009
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      Jerry Bell Wrote:

      United states persons are Federal persons which can be taxed.
      There is no argument regarding this. However, definitions do not IMPOSE taxes, nor do they necessarily limit those who can be taxed. Example: I am a private sector individual doing contracted work for the federal government, being paid by your tax dollars. Am I a government employee? NOT! Are my receipts taxable? The general consensus is YES since the "receipts" are federally connected. However, after somewhat reading Tommy Cryer's Memorandum, I have to admit that I am unable to connect the dots as to why  the general consensus is correct. I STILL cannot find a tax that is "CLEARLY" imposed in Subtitle A on federally connected dollars. YES, the definition of "trade or business" relates to federally connected dollars. BUT,WHERE IS THE IMPOSITION OF THE TAX IN SUBTITLE A? If there is no "TAX IMPOSED," then there is "NO LIABILITY" for a tax!"

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