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17292Re: Peter Hendrickson convicted.

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  • Patrick M
    Nov 10, 2009
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      See 26 USC 3102 & 3402.

      And REALIZE that Pete was NOT convicted of INCOME TAX evasion & the charges
      MAY actually have had LITTLE to do with INCOME TAX.

      "Peter Hendrickson, 54, of Commerce Township was found guilty today of
      making false statements to the IRS by a federal jury in Detroit, United
      States Attorney Terrence Berg announced today.

      The jury deliberated for about four hours before returning the verdict,
      concluding a five-day trial before Chief United States District Judge Gerald

      The 10-count indictment charged that for the calendar years 2000, 2002,2003,
      2004, 2005 and 2006 Hendrickson filed IRS Form 1040 (income tax returns)
      and/or IRS Form 4852 (Substitute for Form W-2) stating under penalties of
      perjury that he had received no wages in those years. The indictment
      indicated that he had in fact received wages in those years in varying
      amounts. The evidence produced at trial established that Hendrickson had in
      fact received taxable wages and that his claims to the contrary were
      knowingly false. In reaching the verdicts, the jury rejected Hendrickson's
      defense that he had a good faith belief that his statements regarding his
      lack of wages were true."


      Especially IF the "wages" REFERRED to are those for purposes of Social
      Security & Medicare (FICA).

      Remember, one can be EXEMPT for INCOME TAX purposes, but STILL be LIABLE for
      FICA taxes.

      Exemption from federal income tax withholding. Generally, an employee may
      claim exemption from federal income tax withholding because he or she had no
      income tax liability last year and expects none this year. See the Form W-4
      instructions for more information. However, the wages are still subject to
      social security and Medicare taxes. See also Invalid Forms W-4 on page 17.
      IRS Publication 15, (Circular E), Employer's Tax Guide, page 15


      Patrick in California

      "It ain't what ya don't know that hurts ya. What really puts a hurtin' on ya
      is what ya knows for sure, that just ain't so." -- Uncle Remus

      > --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick M" <paradoxmagnus@>

      > >

      > > http://www.usdoj.gov/tax/Hendrickson_AmendedJudgPermInj.pdf



      > Two things: Firstly, it goes to show that anyone arguing

      > the tax code, in most any court will likely lose, for many

      > reasons, most of which do not relate to justice.
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