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17173Re: [tips_and_tricks] I WON !, 2nd edition

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  • stonekutteral
    Sep 14, 2009
      Believe me, I DID make those objections, I filed with the court clerk,
      about a hundred pages of objections into the lawsuit ( just ONE of the
      documents was 56 pages, mostly statutes, and all of it researched and
      written by myself....) and made plenty of objections while I was there
      , but sometimes all you can do is make the record for appeal, I have
      already been dragged out of the courtroom in shackles in that county,
      for objecting too strongly, and know pretty much how far I can go
      before I turn the judge against me. My objective was to win , not get
      locked up for contempt just to prove a point, and I won. I was
      confident of winning as I did my homework, and knew that a few cheap
      shots and low blows were not enough to shake me from my position of
      strength, they just try to get you mad enough, by using cheap shots, to
      where they can get you to lose your temper, then they can say, " see,
      he isn't being reasonable!!! " .... Some of the papers I filed in the
      case included a 9 page document showing the lawyers had no standing or
      capacity, and you just try next time you are in court , standing up
      there and objecting on the grounds that the whole system is broken and
      every little thing they do is wrong and fails to meet their own
      procedural requirements, and that Joe, his buddy that the judge has
      lunch with every day , is not a lawyer because he is not in compliance
      with B&P 6067 (like EVERY other "lawyer" in the place...).... and is
      probably violating B&P 6129 , Probate code 4121, and a bunch of others
      as well, I bet that you WILL get told to shut up, as I was, and, as I
      was being accused of threats of violence, the bailiffs were hovering ,
      (they always do in that courthouse, don't seem to like me much, cause I
      challenge their authority).... and as I said, I was there to win, and
      did, but I DID file WRITTEN objections to the lawyer testifying, to him
      even being there as "special appearances" are illegal, challenged
      jurisdiction , etc, if you want to look back a few posts for the 56
      pages of objections I filed, and if you don't object in WRITING, their
      record may miss that fact..... I objected to hearsay , to the lawyer
      testifying , and a host of other things too.. but sometimes all you can
      do is make the record for appeal, I know one guy who says " oh , yeah ,
      they just ALWAYS rubber stamp me guilty, and I ALWAYS win on appeal,
      it's just how you play the game.... I agree with him as to setting up
      for appeal, but am not satisfied with anything but a win, and this is
      my fifth civil win and I have also won in criminal thanks to "Frog
      Farmers method " of reading , and showing them the laws instead of
      asking them to show you...... cheers !!! Al
      On Sep 14, 2009, at 1:31 AM, gary wrote:

      > It is great that you won, but there were a lot of other objections you
      > could/should have made. Most important one would be against the lawyer
      > testifying as that is what he was doing. Also, he was testifying to
      > things
      > he had no personal firsthand knowledge of, so it was hearsay.
      > Lawyers for credit card companies and banks many times are the only
      > ones who
      > show up in court and everyone is so accustomed to letting them say
      > whatever
      > they want, there is never an objection. Never let a lawyer testify
      > and if
      > the judge overrules your objection to the lawyer testifying, be sure
      > to
      > object to anything he says that is not already filed into the case,
      > he has
      > no firsthand knowledge of anything else and pretty much anything he
      > says is
      > hearsay.
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      > YAY!!! I Won Wednesday in court!!! I showed up in courtroom lobby,
      > and a guy walked up to me and said ,"I'm Joe Skroom, a lawyer with '
      > Skroom & Howe law firm '...- ", I said, GREAT!!! you're my lawyer.
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