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17008RE: [tips_and_tricks] Everything I Have Was The I.R.$.

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  • Ed Siceloff
    Jun 15, 2009
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      This is indeed a treasure trove, and everyone should capture those files
      as fast as possible! Thanks a lot, Ed! How did you find it without
      search engines?

      One of the books listed on Dave Wilbur's site is at
      http://home.earthlink.net/~cadman777/treadmill-Jenkins.htm which is
      Treadmill to Oblivion I found that one a book by a guy named Lee Brobst (USA
      the Republic is the House that No One Lives In), who in turn wrote a
      treatise about money, and mentioned Merrill Jenkins, in there, which, as I
      recall, mentioned the Cadman site. I wrote the Cadman site, well, not the
      site, but Chris Huminski, trying to locate Merrill Jenkins' works,
      especially "Everything I ...THEIR$". He sent me to the Dave Wilbur's site.
      I've written Dave twice, and received a correction not including silver and
      gold in the term barter, so, he alive. Don't know status about how well he
      I think Dave Wilbur has some paper copies, as well, of some of Jenkins'
      titles. I should probably get some of those considering how often "digital"
      gets all messed up. Computers are not to be trusted with valuables. Write
      me privately for email address.

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