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17006RE: [tips_and_tricks] Everything I Have Was The I.R.$.

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  • Frog Farmer
    Jun 14 6:22 PM
      Ed Siceloff wrote:

      > Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Everything I Have Was The I.R.$.
      > I have finally found a website that has most of the works of Merrill
      > Jenkins on it:
      > www.morpix.biz/x15 <http://www.morpix.biz/x15>
      > Frogfarmer had/has a copy of this book and mentioned it some time ago
      > (a year or more?), and some of us were looking for the book. Most of
      > Merrill Jenkins work is out of print. It appears to me to have been
      > printed by The Monetary Realist, in St. Louis, but..Merrill Jenkins
      > appears to have titled himself as The Monetary Realist. And he seems
      > to have died in the prime of his thinking life at age 60.

      I used to have a paper copy until most of my books were lost in a flash
      flood. At one time, he WAS the Monetary Realist, but his books created
      many more. I like to think of myself as one. Everyone on this list
      MUST read that book ASAP so you really understand what is going on with
      the money.

      > This is a long time search, not quite as persistent as my coon hound's
      > going after coon, but, I am pleased to offer the site. The particular
      > site never came up in search engines.

      This is indeed a treasure trove, and everyone should capture those files
      as fast as possible! Thanks a lot, Ed! How did you find it without
      search engines?

      There was one link that didn't work, for "MONEY: The Greatest Hoax on
      Earth". I may be able to get some paper copies of that one - I'm still
      waiting to hear about it. I'll let the group know if I can.

      Now we want to learn if Dave Wilbur is still alive and well. Without
      him, hardly anyone would have ever heard about Merrill Jenkins. He also
      is due many thanks for his tireless work.


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