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16932RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Request for Help: Denton County Traffic

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  • Frog Farmer
    May 10, 2009
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      jai mann wrote:
      > A little trick that I've been using to circumvent the issue of not
      > having a plate (because you WILL stand out and get harassed) was to
      > just have a custom front and back made with the name of the dealer and
      > the brand of the car (start observing these plates to come up with
      > your own ideas which will blend in...). I live on an entirely
      > different coast now but I haven't been pulled over yet. You stand out
      > less because there are others who are driving with actual dealer
      > plates on their car. My research indicates that I'm not "breaking" the
      > law. I stand out less and I don't submit to the organized fraud/ theft
      > that is the DMV. You'll get over the adrenaline rushes from seeing
      > police after a number of encounters when you aren't punished by being
      > targeted (although it could happen). Just keep your car in good shape,
      > drive responsibly, and you're in the clear. I don't have to worry
      > about all the bills associated with commerce related "privileges"
      > (license, emissions, plates, tags,etc.).

      That was a great idea. I made my own out of plexiglass and 3M colored
      marking tapes. It was designed to look like a real plate to anyone who
      didn't look at any of the details, then it was made to be a joke.
      Instead of "California" it said "Constitution"; instead of Feb(ruary) it
      had Fab(ulous). The big letters were FREE2B. It was so good it got
      parking tickets made out to it and left on the windshield!


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