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  • Al Cintra-Leite
    May 2, 2009
      In Pari Materia is a legal doctrine that says some laws relevant to a
      subject can be used even if they were not aimed at it , as long as
      there is nothing closer
      ([Latin, Upon the same subject.] A designation applied to statutes or
      general laws that were enacted at different times but pertain to the
      same subject or object.
      Statutes in pari materia must be interpreted in light of each other
      since they have a common purpose for comparable events or items. )

      .... so , for instance , I have been looking in California law for laws
      on the insurance bonds required for public servants , and since most
      cities laws are vague on that subject but Berkeley has some very
      specific laws on it in both the town charter and the local city laws ,
      I think they can be used " in para materia" to show that is what is
      required for ALL california public Servants... maybe a similar process
      can be used by those in other states to piece together laws relevant to
      their interests. I will try to get the bond stuff organized and post
      them , but I was hoping that Bear might be so kind as to once again
      post a list of books that we might read and review for the group...
      thanks , Al