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16567RE: [tips_and_tricks] When GMAC goes Bankrupt

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  • Frog Farmer
    Jan 19, 2009
      Frog Farmer wrote:

      > HJR 192 was REPEALED long ago (1978 as my memory serves).
      > There is a file explaining it all in this group's files.
      > And, the recent Kahre case proves that one is
      > NOT precluded from dealing in the constitutional
      > money and is not prevented from choosing to PAY
      > debts instead of merely DISCHARGING them!
      > Moderator/Bear: I approved this message just so someone else would get
      > to say this. It goes to show that all that glitters is not gold.

      Hmmmm...does that mean that otherwise it would not be approved? Did I
      do something against the rules?

      Moderator/Bear: No, I recognized HJR 192 had been repealed from previous discussions on this group. I was going to let somebody in the group say it.

      Speaking of gold, paper is outpacing the rate at which men are
      extracting it from the ground. Manipulations have made the price in
      imaginary units come way down, further dissuading men from digging for
      it. It's even more so for silver.

      The people who have control and who disregard the law whenever it is
      convenient for them are required by law to mint and provide to the
      public as much gold and silver coin as is demanded by The People. Right
      now, they are not following this law with the excuse that they cannot
      get enough coin blanks to stamp out from their private monopolistic
      contracted source. Does that make any sense? It does if it was
      arranged to work out that way.

      If "The People" who claim to want the constitution are using the
      financial weapons of their conquerors on themselves, whose fault is
      that? [Required answer to my own question: Their own]. Is it the fault
      of the brainwashers who created the zombies they control, or is it the
      fault of the former consciousness that inhabited that zombie body before
      the surrender was signed in return for convenience and expedience, or
      power or greed? [Required self-answer: BOTH]

      How do you get "innocent" "victims" to use their own free will to keep
      from swallowing attractive poisoned candy? [Req. Anti-Socratic ans.:

      Warnings don't seem to work. Being an example and not eating it
      yourself doesn't seem to work. Pointing out the dead corpses with
      poison candy dripping out of their mouths doesn't do the job either.
      Passing laws against the candy (Article 1, Section 10) don't work.


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