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16550RE: [tips_and_tricks] When GMAC goes Bankrupt

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  • Frog Farmer
    Jan 12, 2009
      > Unfortunately, there are NO silver bullets. I used to think (20 years
      > ago) when I was new to the "freedom movement" that there had to be a
      > silver bullet based upon the teachings, proclamations of various "so-
      > called" guru's that, touted their "newly" discovered wisdom to slay
      > the "evil dragon"- all pun intended! I, have however placed my
      > reliance on the sincere and continual study of the United States
      > Constitution for these united States of America, as interpreted by the
      > founding fathers also, statute law, and the relevant case law that
      > addresses the particular issue at hand.

      I agree, BUT... There IS a "First Step". In fact, every such first step
      I identify only prods me to discover an earlier one. I see SO MANY
      people go down in flames because they do not seek out and try to take
      that first step, and then they really do not take the next ones in
      proper order either. Some may even work backwards, or only take the
      comfortable steps, or the ones their friends take, etc.

      > I also realize that due to the increasingly corrupt nature of those
      > public servants (aka-state actors) in office, it is sometimes tempting
      > to want to think and/or hope for a "silver bullet" solution to our
      > struggle for justice and liberty. Therefore, we as like minded
      > individuals MUST continue to educate and edify ourselves and our
      > posterity to the degree of being MORE able to properly identify and
      > argue with specificity, our grievances based upon sound legal
      > principals tried and tested in both law and case precedence.

      I guess that excludes "the majority" from having a chance then. I've
      been reading more and more about Americans' declining literacy. To do
      as you say we need to do, we first need to start teaching the kids to
      read and write proper English, including spelling and grammar. How do
      you do that? The NWO folks are getting what they paid for in the public
      schools. Yet Sylvan was able to teach a totally illiterate 18 year-old
      how to read in less than 72 hours. A lot of kids see literacy as a
      badge of being on the enemy's side too.

      When I cared what the goons thought, I used to carry a grammar with me
      so I could explain some of the basics for them. Now, my plans for
      post-capture behavior actually have me keeping everyone in the dark
      until I meet "Mr. Deep Pockets" who is going to pay for my
      inconvenience, most likely a disqualifiable actor pretending to be a

      > Keep you head UP and do NOT surrender!! We will overcome!

      Absolutely, and have some fun while you are at it! These people arrayed
      against you are in sad shape, demoralized, paranoid, unhealthy, and deep
      inside they know they are lying to themselves about all those lies we
      stopped believing. Remind them of Ceausescu and the Romanian police's
      behavior in the days following his execution. Have them Google it!

      > Yours for liberty!
      > Frank Mumma
      > AKA- Rebel for the Anointed One

      I like your title there, Frank!


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