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16548Re: When GMAC goes Bankrupt

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  • mn_chicago
    Jan 11, 2009
      > Unfortunately, there are NO silver bullets.

      > Unfortunately, there are NO silver bullets.

      True. What must be done is to drive a wooden
      stake into individual efforts to defeat the
      entrenched status quo.

      Sunday 11 January 2006

      One can see the dilemma between the thinking
      of a falconcrest, who represents what most
      people think and believe, vs the reality as
      has been revealed in the last several posts.

      The final nail in the coffin of the US Republic
      came in the the Fed Reserve Act of 1913,
      passed on 23 December, a time when the
      legislators opposing the Act were home on vacation,
      a time when no legislation was passed as an
      unspoken rule, to enable legislators time off to
      go home and be with their families.

      Corruption never takes a vacation.

      The Act was modeled after that of the bank of
      the Third Reich, and the first head of the Fed
      was a German citizen, Warburg, brought over
      to this country to put the take-over plan into

      One has to understand the insidious nature of
      the Fed and its Rothschild-like intent to take
      over the currency and corrupt the country.
      That is why the US went bankruot in 1933, under
      the direction of socialist Roosevelt, a boob
      held as a hero.

      Back to mortgage fraud. Read your note. It
      says, "In return for a loan I have received,
      I promise to pay xxx,xxx US dollars..."

      The article, "a" is non-specific, see Black's
      Law, versus the article "the," which is

      The promise to pay x amount of dollars is NOT
      for "the loan" received, it is for "a loan"
      issued. The fraud is in that little, unspecified
      article, "a."

      What is "a" loan? Why does it not read, "In
      return for THE loan i have received, I promise
      to pay...."???

      "a loan" consists of a computer entry, aka no
      consideration. "a loan" requires the repayment
      of US dollars, [that in itself another issue].

      The note is securitized and sold in order to
      raise the money used to fund the loan. In effect,
      the signature is the borrower's consideration
      used to "loan" to the borrower, in effect, his
      own money. Individuals cannot securitize their
      own signature by selling it to investors. Only
      banks can do that, aka stealing.

      Where in the note agreement does it say that the
      lender can endorse your note on the back, "pay
      to the bearer,"? [the only kind of endorsement
      allowed by UCC to make the instrument negotiable.]
      That was not a part of the bargain.

      When confronted with forclosure, one must DEMAND
      of the plaintiff, [not always the holder in due
      course, aka the only one that is authorized to sue]
      DEMAND that the original note be produced in order
      to determine if that is the borrower's original

      The defendant in foreclosure is entitled to see
      the original note, front AND back, to make sure
      it has not been altered, as it was shortly after
      the "signing" ceremony. This demand can only be
      made within the 30 days tiem in which one has to
      respond to the complaint to foreclose, or a default
      is granted, and everything in the complaint is
      tken to be true, true or not.

      You got lucky with these answers, falconcrest.
      Turn your judgmental ignorance into some good
      with this information.

      In general, what can be done? Help enlighten others
      by spreading information and knowledge acquired.
      Tell anyone facing foreclosure, for instance, share
      the information contained in these last several

      That opening line, "For 'a loan' that I have received,
      etc," is a key indicator of fraud. The securitization
      of the note is the first step in the process.

      Within the next week, I plan to post on how to fight
      in court, with teeth, depending upon one's state.

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