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16530Re: § 1983 Civil Rights lawsuit law review

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  • mn_chicago
    Jan 6, 2009
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      Tuesday 6 January 2009

      No to citizens, but okay to "person," aka
      an artificial person, paticularly in the
      "United States."

      > any citizen of the United States or other
      > person within the jurisdiction thereof to
      > the deprivation of any rights, privileges,
      > or immunities secured by the Constitution
      > and laws,

      You emphasized "or other person," and stopped
      short of including "within the jurisdiction
      thereof." That means the "person" subject to
      the "jurisdiction thereof."

      You chosen emphasis on "Constitution" is why?

      Only the federal constitution applies to all
      their good citizens and persons within that

      Of course the statute protects both

      Anything else, don't matter.

      From the other jurisdiction,

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