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16505On the IRS leaving you alone...

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  • legalbear7
    Dec 24, 2008
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      Here in the last week or so I got a couple calls from guys having a good report respecting their using my "Calling Off the Dogs" package and my lien thumper package. I am going to try to get them to make a recording of what they had to say and also try to get permission to use their names.


      The one called to say that about five or six months ago the IRS was coming after him hot and heavy. He sent a notice of intent to sue based on the "Calling Off the Dogs" package and he hasn't heard from them since. He told me, "I am just calling to tell you that your strategy worked."


      The other when he called said that about the time he sent in the demand to withdraw the lien and notify the credit reporting agencies, and the demand the IRS release the lien, out of the Lien Thumper package, the IRS was threatening to levy and was contacting his customers. He told me that since he sent those two in he hasn't heard from them since. Apparently, the last time he heard from them was about six months ago.


      When I get a minute I am going to review the Internal Revenue Manual and see if I can find if this is a pre-planned response. It would seem possible they would say, `don't give him anymore damages; stop everything.' Maybe it is, `Wait until the attorneys review the letter before moving forward.' or, `…let's see if he actually does something before the statute of limitations expires.'  If you have had a similar experience with the IRS and a notice of intent to sue, please call me. My number is below.


      Another Success:


      I also have another success to report belatedly. I stopped a levy sent to an employer so that no paychecks were missed by using a Collection Due Process Hearing Request. The IRS faxed a release of levy to the employer a couple days after the request went in. What I used against them was 26 USC § 6330(e)(1) which provides that collection activities shall be suspended for the period during which such hearing, and appeals therein, are pending. I am convinced that you can do the same and I put nine 4-10 minute videos explaining my thoughts on how to do this at www.irsterminator.com. Suspending collections was pretty simple, the challenge is to keep them suspended. I am convinced that this can be done. Watch the videos to see how I propose doing that. Of particular interest may be the videos titled "IRS Poison Bomb" and "Components of an IRS Poison Bomb" (No! Not a literal bomb, of course!) I am convinced that this is the fastest way to stop an IRS levy.


      Those of you who learned about the levy from your bank or employer will have a special interest in the videos at www.irsterminator.com.


      Those of you who already did a Collection Due Process Hearing and heard the word "frivolous" uttered as a ruling on your hearing will also have a special interest in the videos at www.irsterminator.com.


      A Post on My New Blog:


      I've been reading the Book of Numbers in the Scriptures aloud to myself and I came across a tremendous weapon to use in any fight with  the government. I wrote an article about this and posted it at my blog here: http://legalbears.com/irswp/?cat=3. I called the article A Tremendous Sword for Use in Any Fight.



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