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  • gary
    Dec 18, 2008
      Don't know if anyone remembers but didn't a tribe in OK try to open a bank a few years ago?  Seems to me they were shut down fairly quickly.  I'd like to see it work, but the feds don't seem to like anyone using gold and silver, especially if there are no SSNs attached to the accounts.  If tribes were REALLY sovereign there wouldn't be a Bureau of Indian Affairs (or whatever politically correct name they are calling it now) and the FBI wouldn't have jurisdiction on reservations.
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      Different situation.  Sparks was running a Ponzi scheme it seems and was using FRNs as opposed to strictly gold and silver.  He also tried moving the operation to indian land after he was under investigation.  Can't say that these two have much in common.

      On Dec 15, 2008, at 11:01 PM, Randy Conn wrote:

      I searched for 
      "americans national bank"
      ron sparks

      and found this
      http://ca10. washburnlaw. edu/cases/ 2001/05/99- 6387.htm

      I was a founding member.

      Ron Sparks, head guy, got 135 months in prison for this.

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