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16487Re: [tips_and_tricks] IS THIS A VALID LIEN? (RE-POST WITH MORE DETAIL)

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    Nov 15, 2008
      Regarding the previous post on the legality and applicability of a Notice of Levy, here is a letter from a congressman stating clearly that they only apply to government employees, NOT TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR!
      Many people have had success suing the County Clerk who "launders" the Notice into an actual lien, without any authority.  Chuck Conces, of Lawman fame, initiated a number of these actions successfully.  He recently passed away, but his information is still out there, go look for it.  You have a viable suit against then County Clerk, and also against the United States for agent(s) exceeding their authority under 26 USC 7433.  In both cases, you need to research the law, and find what applies and more importantly what does not apply.  You learn it best when you have to work for it, so go research it.  If you are totally unable to find anything, contact me directly and I will point you in the right directions, but I won't do your work for you.  This can be done, I have done it, and so have many others.  This is one of the easier battles.

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