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16464RE: [tips_and_tricks] Power to tax=power to destroy!

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  • Frog Farmer
    Nov 13, 2008
      > Here is the reason I am posting this: we have a right to work
      > and sustain our lives and our right to life by our labors. In the
      > same way that Indian mineral rights could be destroyed by state tax
      > authorities; rendering the tax invalid; our very right to life can be
      > destroyed by the IRS rendering the application of the tax invalid.

      That is true, but then there are other issues as well, such as the fact
      that Kahre and his people never got near to reaching the IRS's numerical
      markers for this or that taxation. They chose to use the one of two
      existing monetary systems created by Congress (that the court
      recognized) for the people to use freely. Other people choose to leave
      the jurisdiction of the common law where SUBSTANCE controls, and
      speculate upon the future value of private debt scrip and other
      commercial paper "instruments" in the equitable jurisdiction. It is
      THIS CHOICE that causes people trouble, for they invariably want all the
      perks that go along with the substance=rights crowd, even though their
      signature is on the paper trail showing they opted for the gamble on the
      imaginary realm of the equity jurisdiction, where privilege requires an
      application of a subject to a superior force!

      HA HA! It makes me sick to my stomach that few even know the



      P.S. I'm holding out for a real Black president! I have a dream...
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