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16410Re: [tips_and_tricks] Jeff Dickstein needs help w/ Bill Benson's 16th Amendment case

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  • pldionne@comcast.net
    Oct 7, 2008
      I saw a writer send out mass interview scheduling, where his publisher sent em ails to radio stations telling them their requested interview for a certain date and time had been made and the writer would be available at a certain date and time.  This was a ploy to get the word about his new book out to the public and it worked.  He was swamped with interviews from all over the country.
      You should contact some of the major stations and do the same.  Just find out who the most radical DJ's are and sent the appointments to them.  Also send them a background paper about what is going on and push more for the point of the censuring by the government as being a violation of free speech, then pull in the the income tax portion.  I think it will get more bites that way as many announcers have had similar problems with government officials keeping them quiet.
      I'll send an email to one of the local DJ's, and will attach a copy of the one that was sent to me. If he works it it will give you coverage in NH, ME, MA, CT, and part of NY.
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