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16187RE: [tips_and_tricks] it cannot be under stood by anyone, can it?

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  • Frog Farmer
    May 31, 2008
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      Michael Noonan wrote:

      > It made my day to walk directly into enemy territory,
      > as it were, and confront them head-on, and watch them
      > fold like a house of cards.

      They are just waiting for that next paycheck.

      > Arguing in court, where the IRS/DOJ has an ally in
      > the judge, may not work for people not able to stand
      > up to the DOJ attorneys.

      Most people cannot argue intelligently.

      > This is not to quibble with you, for you are on point
      > with your information, but to offer a tact that I know
      > works from direct experience...and no court is ever
      > involved.

      Always better to avoid court by expending a few calories of effort prior
      to it becoming unavoidable.

      Tact: 1 : sensitive mental or aesthetic perception <converted the novel
      into a play with remarkable skill and tact>
      2 : a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good
      relations with others or avoid offense

      Tack: 2: to join in a slight or hasty manner
      3 a: to add as a supplement b: to add (a rider) to a parliamentary bill
      4: to change the direction of (a sailing ship) when sailing close-hauled
      by turning the bow to the wind and shifting the sails so as to fall off
      on the other side at about the same angle as before
      intransitive verb
      1 a: to tack a sailing ship of a ship : to change to an opposite tack by
      turning the bow to the wind c: to follow a course against the wind by a
      series of tacks
      2 a: to follow a zigzag course b: to modify one's policy or attitude

      Tactic: 1 : a device for accomplishing an end
      2 : a method of employing forces in combat


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