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16151Traficant's "bankruptcy" of the US & a patriot lie

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  • legalbear7
    May 27, 2008

      Here is Larry Becraft's response:


      As evidence that the US went "bankrupt" in 1933, some party "invented"

      "proof" in reference thereto, and based it on a page from the 1993 Congressional Record. I have posted to my website that original contention here:




      People believed this actual document. I then copied and posted the actual page of the Congressional Record here:




      If you compare the original with the fake, you can see that the "fake"

      is what it is: a lie.


      The original I posted is almost identical with the one posted at GemWorld. The GemWorld post comes from the daily version of the Congressional Record, and my posted copy is from the annual volume of the Congressional Record; there are slight printing differences.


      Traficant was not stating that, as a matter of law, the US went bankrupt; he was speaking in moral terms. Morally, I agree that we "are bankrupt" but this is not the legal sense. I have asked a large number of advocates of the "1933 bankruptcy" for proof, and none have provided it. This argument was invented and is one of the rumors that lots of people believe without any proof.


      In reference to that contention about the Revolutionary loans, I have posted on my website the following:




      This directly addresses this erroneous contention. That loan came from France, not the King of England.


      Please send this note to the party whose information you sent to me that appears below.





      Legalbear wrote:


      > Larry: I sent your post containing the subject line "Traficant ' s

      > "bankruptcy" of the US & a patriot lie" to my group Tips & Tricks for

      > Court and received this response:


      > Bear - allegedly the declaration from the Congressional record

      > regarding Trafficant ' s declaration is reproduced here:


      > *The Bankruptcy of The United States *

      > *United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page

      > H-1303


      > *http://www.gemworld.com/Images9/traficant.gif

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