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15918RE: [tips_and_tricks] Illinois- Pro Se- Continuance- Narcotic Use

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  • Frog Farmer
    Feb 19, 2008
      Diancecht wrote:

      > The judge cited in court that he was denying my request for a
      > continuance because he had functioned repeatedly as a judge and as an
      > attorney while under this medication.

      You need a doctor as an expert witness.

      > He has already in the past disregarded Illinois law regarding the
      > amounts set for child support, dismissed several show causes because
      > she "obviously didn't understand the law" (she has an attorney).

      And how did you react, with appeals and writs? We have a whole state
      full of people out here who don't understand the law, but that seldom is
      helpful to them. Maybe I overlooked some of Illinois' good points when
      I decided to leave for good. Imagine if some day comes when NOBODY in
      Illinois understands the law!! Wow! It'll be like California - GAME
      OVER! It may not be long before most states realize it's over for them
      as well. The people putting the NAU together are pretty confident
      that's the way of the future too. When they take away the FRNs, will
      you work and give property for Ameros? Not me!

      > The man seems to have a total disregard for Illinois law and later
      > when
      > I said I couldn't understand him and was in the start of a panic
      > attack
      > (drug reaction) that resulted in me being carried out of the
      > courthouse
      > by paramedics he fined me 100 dollars for contempt of court.

      At least you need a note from a doctor for that trial. How come when
      you don't understand it doesn't work the same way??

      > However there was one other thing that upset me as I was having the
      > attack, the attorney for the other side asked the judge to make a
      > decision based on how long they had known each other, this judge and
      > the
      > attorney's wife both serve on several boards together, if the attorney
      > feels comfortable enough to ask the judge to serve as a character
      > witness isn't that a conflict of interest?

      Yes, but then one has to ask, when is the best time to disqualify judges
      and attorneys? Is it BEFORE or AFTER they act against our best
      interests? I believe it is BEFORE they can act officially, so as a
      matter of course, I try to disqualify all warm-bodied human beings who
      speak in any case in which I become involuntarily embroiled. I don't
      know how to do that in Illinois, but I'm sure there has to be a process.
      Maybe a keyword search using "disqualification", "peremptory challenge",
      "challenge for cause", "conflict of interest", "practicing law without a
      license", "ethics violation", etc. might turn up useful info for you.

      > If anyone knows any case law it would be appreciated I have tried to
      > do
      > some researc on these topics on Lexis Nexus but quite honestly I
      > believe
      > that I am approaching this from the wrong direction and as such I am
      > of
      > the opinion that much of the research I have found in this particular
      > matter is relatively worthless.

      In my experience, case law and statutes and even constitutions are not
      enough to stop abuses against today's victims of government by today's
      criminal in-fill-traitors, because they will say you always had remedies
      that you either waived or can take advantage of in the future if you
      don't like what they are doing to you today. You cannot expect mercy
      from enemies. I think what might be more valuable than cases and laws
      would be a self-assertiveness class or martial arts or something that
      will get you to voice strenuous objections earlier and more often.
      Court fights are fights for sure. You get nowhere being nice anymore.

      Soon any kids you have will be adults and you will be able to fill them
      in on how their lives got screwed up and how to avoid it for their kids.
      Most troubles can be traced back to lies "everyone" believes, and the
      Lemming Principle, where people act in ways they do just because they
      see others do it. This includes joining the military, marriage
      licenses, income taxes, driver's licenses, using Fed debt and credit,
      etc. etc. ad nauseum.


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