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15916Illinois- Pro Se- Continuance- Narcotic Use

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  • Diancecht
    Feb 18, 2008
      Ok, I am poor, not a lot of money and I am a dad trying to operate in
      one of the worst circuits in Illinois.

      I have several questions regarding continuances and court cases etc.

      The particular situation is that I had filed a show cause on my ex but
      several days before I had a tooth break that was apparently already
      infected and I was put on a narcotic, vicu-profin, and I am one of the
      14% that has problems functioning under that narcotic, or any others for
      that matter.

      The judge cited in court that he was denying my request for a
      continuance because he had functioned repeatedly as a judge and as an
      attorney while under this medication.

      He has already in the past disregarded Illinois law regarding the
      amounts set for child support, dismissed several show causes because she
      "obviously didn't understand the law" (she has an attorney).

      The man seems to have a total disregard for Illinois law and later when
      I said I couldn't understand him and was in the start of a panic attack
      (drug reaction) that resulted in me being carried out of the courthouse
      by paramedics he fined me 100 dollars for contempt of court.

      However there was one other thing that upset me as I was having the
      attack, the attorney for the other side asked the judge to make a
      decision based on how long they had known each other, this judge and the
      attorney's wife both serve on several boards together, if the attorney
      feels comfortable enough to ask the judge to serve as a character
      witness isn't that a conflict of interest?

      If anyone knows any case law it would be appreciated I have tried to do
      some researc on these topics on Lexis Nexus but quite honestly I believe
      that I am approaching this from the wrong direction and as such I am of
      the opinion that much of the research I have found in this particular
      matter is relatively worthless.


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