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15806Re: Tax Protester Losses

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  • rebel382003
    Jan 8, 2008
      I will certainly concur with the practice as written by Roger

      > I can comment on the Hattman case, since I brought it. The
      court > shamelessly dodged my issues while hurling its usual ad
      hominem "tax > protester'' label at me. . . . In my cases before the
      TC I watched > judges squirm and in one case lose control when I
      cornered them on > this issue. The Circuit Court likewise could
      not address the issue > either. These courts love to sound high and
      mighty, slapping us > ignoramuses who have audacity to use the
      courts without a BARfly, but > to really understand the case you need
      to read the papers filed.

      The appellate courts will ignore the only issue appealed if they
      cannot find some legal ground to refute it and it would jeopardize
      the collection of revenue. Constitutional issues will be ignored if
      the Department of Revenue might be inconvenienced by their extortion
      of revenue. The law library does not have the addresses of the
      parties smeared by the Opinions so the case can be investigated. The
      courts are akin to the Mafia protecting their crimes.

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