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  • Doug
    Dec 31 9:42 AM
      Ed I have just gotten your e mail and I have been out or should say away
      from home but I will get working on it! I have also gotten a letter from the
      IRS titled " TAXPAYER CONSENT FORM" a new one on me. I have been dealing
      w/the IRS for over 20 yrs and have never seen a letter like this. The letter
      states "filing a petition in tax court is not necessary".
      They have a letter "Your appeal rights and how to prepare a protest if you
      don't agree" this letter states "If you disagree solely on moral, religious,
      political, constitutional, conscientious, or similar grounds my appeals can
      not be considered if they don't come within the scope of the lax laws".
      They have " penalties" FAILURE-TO-FILE Penalty's. This default has gotten me put in "statues 53" which is
      uncollectible by the IRS. I was told they need a way
      out and I gave them one and they took it.
      They still keep coming back as the letter states tax yr "2004". They put me
      down as uncollectible from 99 to 2003.
      In my default I put in the "Default" which is "VERIFIED DECL OF FINDINGS OF
      DEFAULT JUDGMENT" any and all yrs are buried in the default! so I will
      send a copy of my default to them.
      My question is "should I send anything else w/the Default" which is filed
      w/the county recorders office. I have done all kinds of letters asking
      questions and "affidavit of Truth" which is filed w/the county recorders
      office, also w/the Sec of state and Atty Generals office of my state.They
      are "stamped by them RECEIVED.
      I went to D.C. tax court and also the state capitol (Raleigh, North
      Carolina) w/the local dept of Rev at which I done the same "Default Process"
      It has seemed to be working as they have not taken land or money (YET) I
      filed everything in April of 2004. Does anyone have any input as to what
      to add?
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      > Do you know of any Supreme Court or other court cases dealing with
      > "NOTICE" preferably in regard to 26 USC sec. 6001? Can you forward them
      > to me? I need them badly. Thank you, Ed J.
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