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15182RE: [tips_and_tricks] Illinois Judges On Oath Of Office]

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  • Frog Farmer
    Sep 10, 2007
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      > --- hobot <hobot@...> wrote:
      > > What to do After the logical initial challenge
      > > process breaks down
      > > in the local court and oversight system, would be
      > > educational
      > > to many.
      > >
      > > hobot

      I didn't answer this then, but I will now. You don't have time to wait
      for the results to come in. It hasn't broken down for me yet. Are you
      willing to wait until it does? There aren't enough cases from which to
      glean any meaningful statistics. You will be in new territory,
      uncharted waters. It is up to you in your case, and you will be alone
      with nobody to understand you. I was in just such a situation tonight.
      It's very frustrating when you are the only person on the scene allowed
      to think and act other than within the restraints of "policy", "policy"
      you cannot even quote or explain. Every situation is different, and the
      only one who knows what you are doing is you, nobody else.

      > Agree. This is where having done all the homework
      > and being fully prepared is essential.
      > How many of us actually do this? FF excepted.

      No, I'm not excepted, because I don't agree that I have "done all the
      homework" because I avoid work, and especially homework handed to me by
      others. So my strategy is to minimize homework. I figure, the fewer
      the players the better. And I get PO'd [Pissed Off] to think that a
      phony paycheck anticipator thinks I'm grist for his mill. If left alone
      in a room with one of these people, and a few books and a video camera,
      I can get admissions and confessions you would not believe! If placed
      between the rotating stones of the revenue mill, my diamond-like
      qualities will wear grooves in the tool and require major repairs to
      fix, thus reducing mill output on the bottom line. Best to not put me
      to the test on any millstone with less than a hardness of 10.

      Look, when players in a game throw out the rules, especially Rules 1-10,
      or even just 1, 4, and 8 or even just 1 and 5, or EVEN JUST RULE ONE!!!!
      - THEN there ARE NO RULES!!! Get it?! HE wins who makes the rules! I
      make my own rules when I can prove that my neighbors cannot follow the
      rules they say they have to follow! I don't need ANYONE ELSE to
      "approve" of my judgments! If I were in the Soviet Union when it fell,
      I'd give NO THOUGHT to any neighbor who pretended to be the commissar or
      the head of the KGB except maybe to hit him in the head with a shovel if
      he got too delusional and violated my rights.

      I have no computer files of paperwork for any of what I would rely upon
      today. I'd have to make it up fresh for any case that GOT THAT FAR. It
      would have my words in my choice of order, to fit my estimation of the
      needs and the people involved, in other words, it would be unique to the
      situation. All I can tell you is, it would never be styled as a
      "motion". When a statute calls for such and such a motion, I use the
      word "demand". I'm not asking, I'm telling.

      Really, my last encounter has made me want to handle my NEXT encounter
      as if I were the squad commander "on the ground". I would issue all the
      commands I could think of that were supported by THEIR rules and
      statutes. I would quickly relieve junior officers of any duty and
      dismiss them! Yeah, I know they won't like it. But last time, none
      refuted me!!!!! YEAH!!!

      Dear Group, somebody recently bet over a billion bux that the stock
      markets will crash before the 21st. Just like prior to 9-11. And then
      there's the B-52 and the 5 OR?? 6 nukes (If you haven't heard about it,
      just use Google) and the weirdness of the official story already... I'm
      recommending that my friends be out of stock markets and banks ASAP, as
      liquid as possible. But that's what I've been saying for years, so it's
      hard to notice the urgency...


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