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15166Re: [tips_and_tricks] Judges On Oath Of Office]

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  • Moisha Pippik
    Sep 7, 2007

      Pro Se wrote:
      I never got any OATH OF OFFICE from ANY FEDERAL JUDGE,
      all requests are IGNORED.
      Never got any OATH OF OFFICE from any cop.
      Moisha's reply:
      How can one know if he was really a FEDERAL JUDGE, and how can one know if he is really a cop, without one of the prerequisites to holding that position?  This is where the assumptions that we have been trained to assume from childhood play against us.  I have yet to ever see a cop, just neighbors with cute costumes, and never seen a judge, just neighbors with bad attitudes generally.  Must have had a bad childhood.  Maybe the gov't can fix those bad attitudes with Ridiline or some other wornderful pharma drug.  Anyway, we must learn the requirements for holding office, before we assume someone has that office. 
      You know an alleged attorney general's opinion down here in the LOANSTAR state was quoted as saying that any DPS officer that is not a supervisor, is merely an employee of the agency, and is not required to have an oath of office, cuz they ain't an officer.  Simply an employee.  Have you ever allowed an employee of a private corporation to question you, arrest you, detain you, pull you over, deny you your right to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  I believe most of us would start with the finger, then use eliquent words like f'off, and then resort to hand to hand battle at the last resort, if someone we knew wasn't a cop/judge/officer without authority and trying to deny us our right to liberty, work, or simply the pursuit of happiness.  Let's wake up people.  Has any member here seen one of the  Dirty Harry movies, where their are several rogue guys in uniforms that were hired mercenaries for the chief of police, and they dressed as cops, and rode motorcycles that looked like cop motorcycles.  The only problem was they shot just about everyone they pulled over.  They justified this by claiming they were saving tax payer dollars, and eliminating the enemy.  Does anyone know when they stopped being cops, assuming they had taken the proper oath, had the proper bond, and done all the other things properly.  I'll help you here, as soon as they broke that oath of office they swore.  Does it take an act to break ones oath, and is an ommission an act?  You can look up for yourself, which I encourage, under Code of Civil Procedure, Acts and Ommissions.  Amazing what kind of info you can find in the Codes of our adversaries.
      That was a bit long winded for me, but I hope you get the jist of this.  We must stop assuming those claiming authority really have any authority.  And if they truly do have authority, proof should always be readily available, as prima facie evidence never works for a defendant.  And we must make them defend their alleged authority.  The adversaries never know how to play defense, just offense.  This is why a few of the members seem to always achieve that which they set out to do.  Defense may be fun, but not without a good offense.
      P.S.  Pro se wrote about accepting the oath of office of a judge, and referring to having a contract.  This is the start of contracts, but by know means the end.  An alleged judge will always try to recontract, counteroffer, or attempt to do some other type of contract, whether void or not.  We must learn about contracts, as to put this in our bag of tools for our offense.

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