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14980RE: [tips_and_tricks] oath of office

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  • Frog Farmer
    Aug 6, 2007
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      NVTony@... [mailto:NVTony@...] wrote:

      > The people of America must eliminate the Fraudulent court system along
      > with the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S.

      ...in their own lives and cases, today, not later when somebody they
      respect provides the example, or when they are the last on their block
      to be still permitting the frauds.

      > The abolishment of the
      > American Bar Association and the Ban of any member of the American Bar
      > Association from ALL our public offices is a good start.

      No, that's an unattainable dream, because we all have the right to
      associate with whomsoever we desire, and scum rises to the top
      naturally. But we need not entertain them in our own private lives
      today. We need not encourage our young to join them.

      I eliminate them from my life by referring to requirements they'd have
      to have met in order to act without fraud (e.g. California Business &
      Professions Code Section 6067). After they know they don't meet the
      requirements, it's useless to further attempt to persuade me that they
      have any special powers that I do not myself have. In fact, I claim
      MORE! They have already confessed to crimes committed with the last
      sucker! I could arrest them NOW, but the jails are full! And a cop
      cannot ticket every speeder he sees! And I really do not have time to
      hold court for all the corrupt people in America. I have frogs to farm
      (purely to enhance my environment)!


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