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14632RE: [tips_and_tricks] Gold and Silver Coins

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  • Frog Farmer
    Jun 2, 2007
      > >Again, all these coins are legal tender, and the IRS will be happy to
      > >accept them in payment of taxes, at face value.
      > ***I have heard they won't except anything but a check or money order.
      > Heard of someone who tried to pay with a bag full of FRNs and they
      > refused
      > them. If they will take the coins at face value and someone sells a
      > product
      > in exchange for those coins then they shouldn't mind if that person
      > claims
      > income based on the face value of those coins.

      Maybe I can clarify, even though my own opinion is that these "coins"
      are not "lawful money" in that they fail to meet the STANDARD of lawful
      "dollars", they ARE "legal tender" because of one of those other
      "Catch-22" statutes where congress contradicts itself again.

      As for IRS "taking" them at face value, that's exactly how they'll do it
      - they'll seize them in a raid instead of accepting them as a voluntary
      payment. When they seize them, will they credit you for each ounce of
      gold they steal? No, the records will show that only the face value in
      dollars was seized, and it will be used as a credit at face value
      towards the outrageous fines and penalties always assessed to resisters
      and protestors and gold bugs. You are better off having your gold and
      silver without any dollar denomination on them, because no dollar
      denomination that people assume means FRNs can come close to their real
      value. If the people knew what a dollar was, there'd be no problem, but
      now that the elite's intentionally dumbed-down publicly educated
      "perfectly stupid generation" is in the driver's seat, you'd best be
      careful when the majority's definition of a word is radically different
      from the original meaning of as recently as 50 years ago. This is why
      they say the constitution is a "living document" - if they can get the
      meaning of all words to change in the minds of people born yesterday,
      they don't need to amend it at all to get what they want.


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