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  • hobot
    Apr 3, 2007
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      How naive to believe that your paper work as correct
      as it may be to invoke a valid oaths and Art III court
      setting, without some way to make ignoring it more penalizing
      to 'judges' than collecting their awards for steamrollering
      over you as usual. Reviewing various private legal lists
      over last decade+, 99.99% is on what to do after one
      injustice after another is done.

      Flag and law arguments are basically valid,
      having seen my spouse shock a Texas Circuit Ct
      room and resist being made to cross the BAR to testify
      against a friend charged with practising law without a license,
      after being attached and forced into court room,
      by staying seated in gallery, stating "I come under
      flag of peace on the land of the united States of America,
      displaying peace flag, adding and this is my foreign law
      as she held up her Bible, that prohibits me from crossing
      the BAR into the court's arena." The judge agreed she was
      right as jaws dropped but then the defendant crossed the
      BAR to represent himself and was found guilty : (

      Court above didn't need her presence to get what they
      wanted so don't expect this to work if you're the defendant.
      Definitely worth mentioning in affidavits but not enough
      firm ground to stand on alone.

      Spend more efforts on judgement proofing before assets in
      a pinch next time. After first court fraud done to you, you
      end up in rapid expansion of more and more paper and
      officials to try to force back in line with nil to risk
      while you sweat bullets holes leaking out life reserves.

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