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  • Don Schwarz
    Apr 3, 2007

      All flags of the USA, I believe, are common law
      flags like the one in Congress that you see.

      In Congress, only common law controls.

      Not admiralty, or equity, but only common law
      from which all other laws emanate from.

      The gold fringe is on a common law flag
      only noting that admiralty can have jurisdiction
      if called for.

      If you top your pleading with the request for
      common law, then that is what you'll have to get.

      At 03:57 AM 4/3/07 -0700, you wrote:

      I am suing yahoo! Inc. for terminating my previous account. Hence why I am with google now. Last thursday I went in to court to answer a demurrer when I saw the most interesting thing. Not only was there a gold fringed flag standing on one side of the court room, there was a normal flag behind the judge draped like a banner of peace (See attached photo). You don't see that much anymore. I was also confused by it. One flag of war/admiralty law and another of peace in the same court, at the same time? I asked the judge which court this was, an article III, or an article IV court [United States Constitution]? He replied he didn't know.
      I almost broke out into hysteria...
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