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13767Bounced bewtix AR Courts limbo

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  • hobot
    Mar 4 10:17 PM
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      Ok now that Moisha taught me how to read AR Title lingo
      I'm perplexed on my options to defend further and/or
      discipline judges with seemingly valid oaths filed.

      Briefly I was jailed 02-07 when I declined to plea w/o
      a prosecutor's nature/cause or accuser to face, objecting
      to District judge doing that duty. Judged guilty 02-14 of
      traffic tickets and told to have Circuit Ct appeal done by
      02-19, a Court holiday on Presidents Day or return for jail.
      My standing and denial of CORP. existence is in my file.

      Circuit judge waited 8 days to tell clerks he'd not
      accept appeal w/o $420 or finance records and rejected
      my affidavit not selling/renting justice etc. Here's
      his funny reading letter I can't make complete sense of
      below...especially the 30 day part?


      Now on this 27th day of February 2007 above styled cause comes
      before the Court upon the defendant's Petition to Waive Filing
      Fees, and the Court finds that the Petition is denied. There
      is no financial information in the Petition on which Court
      can determine whether the defendant can pay.

      FURTHER, the defendant did not obtain a ruling on the Petition
      prior to the expiration of the 30 days form the date of his
      conviction in the District Court and the Circuit Court has not
      filed the case because no filing fee were provided with the
      The appeal has not been perfected and the matter is remanded
      to District Court.

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