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  • tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1, 2007
      Welcome to Tips & Tricks for going to court! I am delighted that you decided to join my group. Some of you joined this group because you involved in a domestic relations suit (divorce etc.), fighting the government over some issue (IRS, zoning, traffic etc.), or you are going to court or would like to go court to vindicate your rights and collect your damages. Others have joined this group because they are either defending or expect to defend a suit.

      It really does not matter why you are going to court; if you are going to court a skill that will always greatly help you is the ability to skillfully do legal research. In the law library there are books on every aspect of going to court. There are books full of previous rulings by the courts in your jurisdiction. There are books that tell all about how to do a divorce in your jurisdiction; how to do a civil rights suit; how to defend and criminal or traffic case; how to put on a trial. There are books full of sample forms that even describe how to go about filling out the forms!

      If you know how the law library works you can put your hands on the authority and forms you need in minutes and put together paperwork that will have the court thinking that you might be a lawyer. The ability to do legal research and put together professional looking paperwork will be very intimidating to your opponent; especially if your opponent has to hire and pay a lawyer to produce paperwork that isn�t anywhere near as good as yours. And then, there�s the internet. If you know the right places to look on the internet, you will rarely need to make a trip to the law library. Almost everything you need can be brought straight to your home via your internet connection if you know where to look.

      I went into two different law libraries with a professional video producer and produced a video that shows what these books look like and went into detail on how they work. I offer that video at www.legalresearchvideo.com. You will have to watch the video numerous times to glean from and use all of the information on there. When you have mastered the information there it will take you a long way to becoming effective in the court. As an additional bonus for purchasing the video I offer 110 law related links that will help you do research and find forms online.

      Also at that web site I give a substantial discount on Blackstone�s Law Course when you buy a legal research video. In 1914 this course was used to prepare lawyers to pass the bar examine. This two volume law course is well organized, comprehensive, and easy to read. After you have read it cover to cover there will not be much about law that you didn�t know you didn�t know. You will have a good understanding respecting what remedies are available in any situation and a starting place for your research for situations you or your friends are involved in.

      If you master the ability to do legal research it will be very empowering to you.

      Again, thanks for participating in Tips & Tricks. Bear
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