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  • Jim
    Feb 9, 2007
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      You have every right to see your child. The one and only time I saw
      a family court judge "go-off" was when he found out the child was
      being used as a pawn by the mother to achieve "other ends" in her
      ongoing dispute with the father. Family court is good for little
      else than this: If you want a relationship with the child, petition
      the court for it! If you're current with the support, and many times
      even when you're not, the court will not deny you your right to be a
      part of your child's life. If the court agrees with your petition,
      and then she denies visitation, at least she's in violation of an
      order of the court, and this is actionable.

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      <bgoldwater64@...> wrote:
      > Anyone who might know,
      > I recently had to appear in family court because of an alleged
      > arrearage in my child support payments. I have the documentation to
      > prove that I've made them, that isn't the problem. When I was
      > compelled to go before the court they had nothing on record that
      > required me to pay, it would appear that the local child support
      > office has lost my signed agreement with them to pay. My question is
      > this, if they have nothing in their files that requires me to pay,
      > then why should I? The woman with whom I had this child with will
      > allow me to be part of the childs life and has never allowed me to
      > him for the last ten years. All she is interested in the money. Does
      > anyone have any comments that I might use the next time I have to
      > thanks,
      > Larry
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