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13451Re: Is it worth fighting a DUI? You don't have a DUI!

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  • Jim
    Jan 31, 2007
      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "The Handyman" <ebobie@...>
      > wrote:

      "All judges have the right to decide jurisdiction."

      All judges have the right to decide jurisdiction, IF
      jurisdiction is in question and IF an action has been commenced.
      But the jurisdiction of a court must be invoked by a sufficient
      accusatory instrument according to law or an action has NOT been
      commenced. What standing does a judge have in an action that has
      not been commenced? He's got all the status and standing of the
      barren woman's son. So much for his authority to "determine"
      jurisdiction. The judge wants to determine jurisdiction? Hey, I
      didn't ask.
      The law tells us what is a sufficient accusatory instrument.
      Either those elements are in the record of the court or they are
      not. It's black or white. If those elements are not in the
      record,the jurisdiction of the court has not been invoked, the court
      is powerless to issue ANY lawful process (summons or warrant) and any
      alleged order of a court acting absent jurisdiction is void ab
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