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13243RE: [tips_and_tricks] Re: HJR-192 repealed - public law 95-147

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  • brokenwrench
    Jan 5, 2007
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      your answer lies  in the history books read what happened in the congress between 1860-1879.after the civil war was over the states were put under martial rule and their government reps were assigned by the feds.(carpetbaggers)

      Michael Noonan <mn_chicago@...> wrote:

      How about this?

      I do not know why Congress walked out, en masse, that
      in itself an unusual occurance, but apparently they
      did. Still, why all would agree to such a crucial
      ramification is bothersome.

      Then, I wondered, what would have replaced the
      Constitutional Congress? Perhaps this is where the
      Congress of Art 1 section 8, clause 17 comes in, would
      be my answer, and this country has been under Federal
      municipal rule ever since, would be one conclusion.

      Any other opinions, speculations may clarify the
      actual events.

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